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Mundial is worldwide.

As a long experienced and well established manufacturer in BRAZIL our products comply with all international as well as domestic standards!

Syllent - Pump Solutions

Just (listen) what is important.

Just (listen) what is important. Syllent - Pump Solutions

Eberle - Metal Fasteners

The Metal Element - Since 1896

The Metal Element - Since 1896 Eberle - Metal Fasteners

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2020 Jan

2020 Jan

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2018 Jan

2018 Jan

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2017 Jan

2017 Jan

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Old World Craftsmanship

Mundial combines Old World craftsmanship with modern technology to produce a broad selection of products unmatched in the world for strength, durability, beauty, comfort and value. Skilled engineers developed the most sophisticate techniques for designing and manufacturing high quality products. This loyalty to quality, the passion for innovation associated with creativity and boldness are the main reasons that drive Mundial.

Modern-day Quality

Today, every Mundial product is produced under a rigorous quality control program that spans the entire process from the development of the steel to the finished product.

Mundial - Why not?

Precision cutting, long-lasting sharpness and exceptional comfort. That’s what today’s customers all around the world demands – and that’s what Mundial deliveries. With an expanded line of products, from the top-of-the-line Forged to our light way stamped products lines, Mundial offers the right products for every cutting task.